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April, 2014

Student Team Wants to Launch Time Capsule to Mars

A group of students wants to send a time capsule filled with images and sounds from life on Earth to Mars. The project, called Time Capsule to Mars, aims to develop and load three small, identical spacecraft with photos, messages, audio and video provided by people from around the world… […]

For a Buck, You’ll Be Able to Send Your Picture to Mars

The project is called Time Capsule to Mars, and could be the first commercial mission to the planet, if all goes according to plan. Launched by Duke University student Emily Briere, the mission is the latest attempt to crowd fund a space trip… Read from source. “For a Buck, You’ll […]

Piecing Together a Time Capsule to Mars

A Duke University junior is leading a cohort of students from across the nation on a mission to Mars—and she’s hoping the rest of the world will join them for the journey. “It is one that, like sending man to the moon, involves technologies that do not yet exist and […]