Time Capsule to Mars™ (TC2M), a project of Explore Mars, is flying a time capsule to Mars. One filled with, and powered by, YOUR pictures, videos, and memories.

Time Capsule to Mars™ intends to:

  • Design, transport, and land a time capsule on the surface of the Red Planet filled with pictures, audio, and video from Earth.

  • Connect millions of people in a unified mission to become the first private mission to Mars.

  • Promote STEM education in K-12 schools worldwide.

  • Lead the pursuit of new technologies that will lead to human spaceflight to Mars possible, beginning with CubeSat technology.

Our technical teams are focused on designing, launching, and sending a CubeSat-based spacecraft to Mars — and landing on the surface a time capsule encoded with Humanity’s memories. Spacecraft will:


  • Learn more about TC2M’s work with the world’s leading technological teams here


You can help fund the $25 million estimated cost of this mission through content uploads and donations to be part of this amazing and unique journey


  • Upload your memories to our time capsule
  • To explore opportunities for corporate contributions, please see about donations here


We are a student-led team of driven individuals dedicated to bringing the world together in pursuit of a once-in-a-lifetime goal.

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