About TC2M

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The Time Capsule To Mars mission was conceived over lunch on May 7, 2013 during the first annual Humans to Mars Summit in Washington, D.C.  Duke University engineering student Emily Briere, her father Danny Briere, brother Chris Briere, sister Maddie Briere and family friend Eric Knight — an accomplished inventor and space enthusiast — envisioned a craft capable of traveling to, landing on and surviving the conditions of Mars — while containing and maintaining the integrity of data from Earth.

Over the next three months, Knight, in the laboratory of his Farmington, Conn. company, Remarkable Technologies, Inc., went on to develop a prototype for a spherical titanium Mars lander that would contain a long-duration (up to millions of years) data-storage medium composed of optical quartz glass.

The team decided to conduct broader studies in an effort to involve a large contingent of students and young people and to broaden the participation opportunities to all citizens of Earth.  The team intensified its efforts in the summer and fall of 2013.  In January of 2014, Eric Knight and Danny Briere funded a study by MIT’s Space Propulsion Laboratory which resulted in a mission plan, spacecraft design and overall budget for the Mars endeavor.


Who’s On Board


MISSION DIRECTOR: Emily Briere, Duke
BUSINESS DIRECTOR: David Rokeach, Duke



Michael Burton, Andrea Guatemala, Maddie Haas, Timothy Nguyen, Berk Ozturk, Ellie Simonsen, and Tori Wuthrich


Duke Fuqua School of Business/Duke Pratt School of Engineering/Duke Trinity School
Irakli Mindadze (Special Projects Director), Naoko Garcia (Marketing & Brand Director), RJ Shultz(Fundraising Director), Alex Boath (Communications & Brand Mgr), Juan Ocariz (PR & Media Mgr), Akshay Chander (Global Marketing Mgr), Kimberly Davies (Customer Engagement Mgr), Osama Alraee (Crowdfunding Mgr), Mike Ide (Development Mgr), Rohit Ray (Corporate and Partner Relations Mgr)



• Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, PhD – retired NASA Apollo astronaut; Founder of Starcraft Boosters, Inc.; Founder of ShareSpace Foundation
• Daniel Briere – Partner at Orchid Advisors, Inc; Founder of Startup Connecticut; Founder of mBlast, Inc.
• Chris Carberry – Executive Director and co-founder of Explore Mars, Inc.
• David “Ed” Crow – Former Senior Vice President of Pratt & Whitney’s Engineering organization and member of the National Academy of Engineering
• Eric Knight – President of Remarkable Technologies, Inc.
• Lon Levin – President of SkySevenVentures; Co-Founder XM Satellite Radio
• Paulo Lozano PhD – Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT
• Charlie Precourt – Former Astronaut & Test Pilot, Vice President for Advanced Strategic Programs of ATK
• Kent Rominger – Former Astronaut & Test Pilot, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Space Launch Division at ATK
• Jim Crocker – VP of Civil Space, Lockheed Martin
• Bill Bonadio – Vice President, Business Development Boeing Network & Space Systems, Boeing
• Bob Kielb, Ph. D – Associate Chair of Aerospace Certificate, Duke Engineering
• Jon Tidd – Former Business Director of Time Capsule to Mars


Universities: MIT, Duke University, UConn, Stanford, SCAD

Non-Profit: Explore Mars, Inc.

Companies: Aerojet Rocketdyne, ATK, Boeing, Deep Space Industries, Draper Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Remarkable Technologies, Inc., Uwingu,