A Mission to Mars – Herald Sun

        DURHAM, NC – As Duke University students continue to savor the Blue Devils’ national basketball championship a week ago, many no doubt have set their sights on the school’s next title. But some students have their sights set higher – much higher. As in, on Mars, […]

Cassidy Chan To Speak at Missile, Space and Range Pioneers Conference

TC2M Team member Cassidy Chain set to be a prominent speaker for the April 29th Pioneers’ Spring Banquet, in conjunction with the 43rd SPACE CONGRESS. Click below to learn more about Cassidy’s speech and reserve your spot in this exciting conference! http://missileers.org/ “Developing the Global Center for Commercial Astronaut Training” presented by […]

Student’s Space Dreams in Full Flight with Time Capsule to Mars Project

DURHAM, NC – David Rokeach is going to be an astronaut one day. He’s been saying so since he was three. “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I figure being a part of Time Capsule to Mars will help me get there,” he jokes. But he […]

Time Capsule To Mars: A Student-Driven Interplanetary Mission

MELBOURNE, FL – Feb 23, 2015 – Cassidy Chan ‘15, aerospace and mechanical engineering double major, a team of other Florida Tech students are part of the world’s first privately-funded and student-led interplanetary mission to Mars through one of the largest crowd-funding campaigns in history: Time Capsule to Mars (TC2M).  Together […]

Time Capsule to Mars: Student-Led Mission to Mars Completes Systems Architecture Study at MIT

Read from Source An audacious plan by eight universities for a student-led mission to Mars took a big step forward with the completion of a key technical review of systems requirements at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in January, with the team targeting a launch within the next few […]

Crowdfunding Key for $25 Million Student-led Mars Mission

by Jeff Foust — July 2, 2014 Time Capsule to Mars Mission Director Emily Briere, a Duke University rising senior, explains her $25 million Mars mission concept June 23 at the National Press Club in Washington. Credit: Brian Berger/SpaceNews  Read from the Source WASHINGTON — A project to send the first student-built small spacecraft […]

New Ion-Propulsion System Could Deliver Time Capsule to Mars

Time Capsule to Mars Cubesat A student-led project aims to send a time capsule of life on Earth to Mars in the form of a cubesat (pictured). The spacecraft will potentially use a new kind of propulsion. WASHINGTON — A student-led mission aims to send a time capsule to Mars, […]

Time Capsule to Mars™ Launches Largest Crowdfunding Campaign in History to Realize First Private Mission to Mars Before 2019

Leaders from Academia, Aerospace Rally Behind $25 Million Student-Led CubeSat Mission Which Will Carry Millions of Digital Images, Video and Data to the Red Planet WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 24, 2014 – At a press conference Monday, Time Capsule to Mars™ (TC2M), a project of Explore Mars, officially launched the […]

Students aim to send a time capsule to Mars by 2017

Read from the Source Most people will bury a time capsule, but a group of brilliant young minds will surely find something more exciting to do with it — like sending it off to Mars. That’s exactly what a team of students from MIT, Duke University, Stanford University and the […]

MIT students seek to send slivers of life to Mars

Student-led mission aims for 2017 launch   This vista of the Endeavour Crater rim on Mars in a photo taken May 21, 2014.  By Yasmeen Abutaleb GLOBE CORRESPONDENT  JUNE 24, 2014 Read from the Source Humans have yet to travel to Mars, but students from MIT and other universities announced Monday […]